Shared IP

What is a Shared IP?

Shared IP – A less costly option than a dedicated IP address, it is an IP address from which many people send emails.

A shared IP is an IP address that is utilized for multiple locales. A shared IP can have most or all locales on a webserver. Since the IP address of a site is utilized for multiple locales on the worker, the activities of one site proprietor can influence the IP notoriety of everybody sharing that IP on the worker. For instance, if an IP address is boycotted for sending SPAM email, this will boycott mail for all locales utilizing that shared IP address. As your accomplice in facilitating, we strive to forestall and to determine these issues quickly and make a restorative move against any individual who manhandles the framework. Nonetheless, the head of a boycott is the sole position to choose when to de-list a culpable IP.

Many site proprietors can have their site on a shared IP while never being influenced by another site facilitated on the worker. In the event that mail is basic and you utilize our mail administrations, we suggest a devoted IP address so your standing is influenced exclusively by the activities of clients on your space.


Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP is an IP address that is assigned to one site. Large websites or e-commerce sites often use a dedicated IP address to have full control over the reputation of their IP. Ecommerce sites must use SSL and therefore a dedicated IP address is often recommended although not required.


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