RSS Reader

What is a RSS Reader?

Taking all the information from subscribed news sites and blogs, the reader puts all this information in one easy-to-digest place. It is displayed in a format that is constantly refreshed to get up-to-date information.

RSS is the best way to stay updated with your favorite content. In this article we’ll go through what softwares there are for following RSS feeds.  These softwares are called RSS feed readers and there’s a diverse set of options out there. Hopefully we can help you find good one that suits your specific needs.

Most RSS feed readers work in a similar manner. You give it a list of feeds and it gives you a list of posts. After that there’s a whole variety of options. Because of the openness of the RSS standard many developers have built an RSS reader as a pet project and released to the world. That’s why it’s so easy to find one for your platform!


Depending on what type of content you are following, be it news, blogs, regulatory, e-commerce or social media, there’s an option for you. For example when browsing blogs you might want large images and a Pinterest-style column layout. If you need the data for your work, then images and light reading might not be all too helpful, and instead you’ll be looking for information density.

Also there’s a lot of different ways to get notifications these days. Take mobile for example, you can get push notifications from certain apps, but also e-mail notifications. The same thing goes for desktop: It could be a native push notification, an e-mail notification, a browser extension or a web page that sends notifications. Notifications can also be configured in many, many ways. For example sound notifications, vibrations or sticky notifications.

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