What is a Retweet ?

An action on tweets for users to share that tweet with their following. The action resends the message with the original user’s name tag.

It is simply a repost of another Twitter user’s tweet on your own profile to show to your own followers. Like hashtags, they are a community-driven phenomenon on Twitter that helps make the service better and allow people to spread discussions easier.

If you’re familiar with Facebook, then you may have already seen a friend re-share a post that was originally posted by one of their own friends or one of the public pages they’ve liked. Facebook re-sharing is basically the same as Twitter retweeting.

How to Send Someone Else’s Tweet

You’ll have the option to add a message of your own with the retweet before it’s reposted to your profile, or simply leave it blank and retweet it just as it is. That user’s tweet will then be automatically embedded in your profile and they will receive a notification that you retweeted them.



When you send somebody else’s tweet, you’re essentially interacting with them. Unless they get a ton of interaction with thousands of followers and have a hard time keeping up with notifications, they’ll notice your retweet and they may decide to connect with you or possibly even return the favor.

You’re also introducing valuable information and suggesting new voices to follow, to your own followers. Retweeting is what spreads good information fast and makes things go viral.

If you tweet something great and a big influencer decides to retweet you, their followers will see your tweet and they may end up retweeting you as well or even following you. It’s really the best way to get the word out about anything worth sharing and the build your own engagement.


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