Managed Placements

What are Managed Placements?

Managed Placements – Placement targeting lets AdWords advertisers choose individual spots in the Google content network where they’d like to see their ads displayed.  These are basically individual sites that you want your ads to appear on.

A targeting method you can use to specifically choose websites, videos, and apps that are part of the Google Display Network where you’d like to show your ads. Unlike other targeting methods, like keywords or topics where your ads are placed on sites automatically for you (reported in your account as automatic placements), you select managed placements yourself.

  • They are an optional feature that can help you have more control over which webpages, videos, and apps in the Display Network can show your ads. If you know of a website where your customers spend time, you can often add it as a managed placement.
  • You can use them if you use “Display Network only” or “Search Network with Display Select” campaign types.
  • You can use them to assign a unique bid to a specific webpage. If your ad performs well when it shows on a certain webpage, you could add it as a managed placement and set a higher bid. By adding the placement using the “Bid only” setting, you can make your bid more competitive just for that particular placement, and still show on other placements based on additional targeting methods, such as keywords and topics.
  • As a result of using both managed placements and additional targeting methods, you might see both automatic placements (websites, videos, and apps have automatically chosen to match your other targeting methods) and managed placements on your Placements tab.


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