Embedded Negatives

What are Embedded Negatives?

Embedded Negatives – Strategy that allows advertisers to show for every variation of a keyword, except for the keyword itself. This is a great way to help avoid cross-contamination of campaigns/ad groups housing similar or closely related terms along with ad groups that house different match types.

A negative embedded match gives an advertiser the ability to show for every variation of a keyword, except for the keyword itself. This negative matching feature is only available on Google AdWords at present.

Why is it useful?

  • It allows you to control ad serving for an ad group (resolve conflicts with other keywords triggering your ads).
  • Allows your ads not to be displayed for low ROI keywords, yet show for all their more specific variations.

How does negative embedded match work:

  • Insert -[keyword] into your ad group.
  • Insert “keyword” (you could also use broad match) into your ad group

The “low search volume” label is applied to keywords that are associated with very little search traffic on Google. It’s a pretty common sight with long-tail keywords, new products, or new brand terms. With this label applied, those keywords­ – even if they’re relevant – are unable to trigger ads. This is a problem, because in an embedded negative structure, if you’ve got an exact or phrase match keyword labeled as low search volume, then you’re not showing for it at all due to the negatives elsewhere.


While the exact or phrase match variants of these terms may not get enough traffic to clear the “low search volume” label, there’s a good chance that broad match might catch them.


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