Bing Ads Editor

What is Bing Ads Editor?

Bing Ads Editor – A free desktop tool designed to help you manage your account offline and easily make changes in bulk. Bing Ads Editor is  Now Microsoft Advertising Editor.

Why use Bing Ads Editor?

One ad campaign tool lets you do it all:

Get started quickly. Transfer your account data with Google Import directly into Editor.

Work faster. Sync your campaigns and accounts, make changes or additions offline, and then upload your revisions with one click.

Make edits in bulk. Directly create campaigns, edit ads, and manage millions of keywords at once. Plus, efficiently manage URLs, ad copy, budgets, bids, targeting and ad extensions.

Multiple-account management. Download multiple accounts at the same time, copy and paste from one account to another, and perform multiple Google Imports simultaneously.


Research new keywords and bids. Discover new keywords and bids using the keyword research tools, and then easily add them to your campaigns.

When you download Microsoft Advertising Editor for Mac or Windows, you’ll get an intuitive and simple desktop application that streamlines your search campaign management — online or offline.

Microsoft Advertising Editor supports campaign optimization with its Google Import functionality where you can check the status of your import, review error logs, and edit, pause, or delete your import schedule.
After reading this Study guide, you will understand how to:

  • Navigate the Microsoft Advertising Editor user interface, including customization.
  • Sync Bings Ads using Microsoft Advertising Editor for Mac or PC.
  • Make changes in bulk and import and export campaigns.
  • Create a new campaign using copy/paste.
  • Manage your Shopping Campaigns in Microsoft Advertising Editor.
  • Use Google Import to optimize your campaign.


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