Ad Rotation

What is Ad Rotation?

Ad Rotation – A preference that determines which ad in your ad group should show when you have multiple ads active. Rotation settings include Optimize and Rotate IndefinitelyOptimize uses Google’s machine learning to automatically choose the ad most likely to win the auction. Rotate Indefinitely will rotate your ads evenly across all auctions. This setting is important to check to ensure that you have a proper balance between testing your messaging and the performance of your account.

Here are three changes :

1. Going forward Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) will only support two ad rotation settings – “Optimize” and “Rotate Indefinitely.”

  • “Optimize: Prefer best performing ads” will use Google’s machine learning technology to deliver ads that are expected to perform better than other ads in your ad group.
  • “Do not optimize: Rotate ads indefinitely” will rotate your ads without favoring better performing ads to a user’s search.

The current settings “Optimize for conversions” and “Rotate evenly” will be retired. Campaigns currently using “Optimize for clicks,” “Optimize for conversions,” and “rotate evenly” will automatically be switched to the “Optimize” setting.

2. Campaigns using smart bidding strategies, such as Enhanced CPC, target CPA, or target ROAS bidding strategies, will always be set to “Optimize” their ad rotation, regardless of how they set their ad rotation settings.

3. Advertisers can also manage their new ad rotation settings at both the campaign and ad group level.



Advertisers currently using the “Rotate Evenly” setting may want to conclude any current ad tests and consider migrating to an optimize setting in advance to get the most out of their future ad tests.

Advertisers currently using the “Optimize for conversions” setting may want to consider adopting a Smart Bidding strategy to help optimize their bids in real-time auctions. Google recently made changes to enhanced CPC to better accommodate these auction dynamics and help advertisers improve their ads’ conversion rates.

If you still prefer having complete control over your ad tests within each ad group, consider taking advantage of the new ad group level settings to manage your ad rotation in ad groups where you’re closely monitoring your ad tests.

If you’re not happy with the changes Google is looking to make in your account, you can always switch to the “Do Not Optimize” ad rotation. This will allow you to rotate your ads evenly into every search auction.


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