What is an Repins?

The action a Pinterest user takes when pinning an image from someone’s board onto one of their own.

It is adding an image you find while browsing Pinterest to your own board. When you repin an image, the user who first pinned the image will also get credit. It maintain the source-link of the image no matter how many times it’s repinned.

How to do an Image

There are two ways to do an image:

  1. When viewing a pin in thumbnail-view, mouse-over the pin and click the button.
  2. When you’re viewing a pin in full-size view, click the button at the top-left corner.

After you click it, choose a board. You can edit the description of the pin and choose to share it on Facebook and/or Twitter.
Then click it.

What is the difference between Liking and repinning?

Liking a pin adds the image to your profile’s Likes section; the image does not get added to one of your boards.

Repinning an image allows you to categorize the image onto one of your boards. You can edit the description of a repin. The source-link of an image is saved automatically, no matter how many times it’s done.


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