Quiz Funnels

What are Quiz funnels?

There are two main types of Quiz Funnels (QF): those that lead to a specific offer, and those that generate leads.

  • Quiz funnels that lead to a specific offer are typically used to sell a product or service. They work by taking the user through a series of questions, and then directing them to an offer based on their answers.
  • Quiz funnels that generate leads are used to gather contact information from users. These funnels work by asking the user for their contact information up front, and then taking them through a series of questions. Based on the user’s answers, they are then directed to a thank you page with more information about the product or service being offered.

Both types of can be effective in their own right, and which one you use will depend on your specific goals. If you’re looking to sell a product or service, then a Quiz Funnel that leads to a specific offer is likely your best bet. If you’re looking to generate leads, then a Quiz Funnel that gathers contact information is the way to go.


Start The Conversions Now!

No matter which type of QF you use, they all have one thing in common: they’re fun! Quizzes are a great way to engage your audience, and QF take that engagement to the next level by providing an interactive experience that can lead to conversions. So if you’re looking for a fun and effective way to market your product or service, a QF is definitely worth considering.

Your Next Step!

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