What is a Google Hangouts ?

A video service provided by Google hangouts which allows up to 10 people to talk at one time.

Hangouts is a communications platform that combines video calling, voice calling and text-based messaging into a single service

Hangouts is a unified communications service that enables text, voice, or video chats, either one-on-one or in a group. Hangouts is built into Google+, Gmail, YouTube , and Google Voice, plus there’s Hangouts apps for iOS, Android, and the web. It’s essentially a useful and cost-effective collaboration platform for the average person as well as enterprise customers.


Google has described Hangouts Meet as “a new video meeting experience with one goal: make joining meetings effortless”. The company wanted to improve Hangouts to make it easier and faster for people start and join video conference.  Meet is designed to have a “light, fast interface and smart participant management”. It even allows up to 30-person meetings.



Hangouts Chat is “an intelligent communication app for teams that takes direct messaging in Hangouts and evolves it to reflect the way modern teams talk business,” according to Google. The idea behind it is that teams working on a project should be able to discuss tasks, share work, and more. So, Chat offers virtual rooms with threaded conversations and integration with other Google products, like Drive.

Video conferences

To start your meetings, you’ll simply share a link. There will be no accounts, plugins, downloads, or hassles required. People can click on this link from Google Calendar, an email invite, or an ad-hoc share. And if you’re dialing in from a conference room, your laptop, or a dedicated mobile app, Google said it will be “just a few clicks and you’re in”, though it’s being vague on details right now.


Hangouts Meet offers native, full-screen presenting, which Google said makes it easy to showcase your team’s projects.

G Suite integration

G Suite is a package of cloud-based services that can provide your company or school with a new way to work together online. You get a domain name and access to Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other core G Suite services like Google+, Blogger, and now Hangouts Meet. Meet integrates directly with G Suite. And for G Suite Enterprise customers, each meeting has a dedicated dial-in phone number.

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