Google Fred Update

What Is Google Fred Update?

Google Fred Update – In March 2017, Google appeared to roll out a major update that penalized low-quality content. Google did not confirm this, except that they make algorithm changes a regular basis. Gary Illyes joked that these types of updates should be referred to as Fred and the name stuck.


Google is reticent to reveal the motivation behind the Google Fred update, just as it has been with previous major updates such as the Hummingbird update that was deployed in September 2015. Many SEOs believe, however, that the primary factor behind Fred was quality – specifically, how aggressive monetization tactics used by some sites were, in Google’s view, negatively impacting the experience of its users.

Although Google’s ranking signals remain one of the most closely guarded secrets in the world, we do know that Google rewards sites that offer strongly relevant, actionable content. The more relevant and useful a site’s content is, the better the user experience will be, which is what Google wants – for users and advertisers.

Publish Top-Quality Content

Producing top-quality content consistently is one of the greatest challenges any marketing team can face. The time and financial commitments necessary to maintaining a regular editorial calendar are considerable, but the benefits can be even greater. Whether you’re aiming for publishing content daily (as we do here) or once per week, it’s crucial that you focus on producing the very best content you can as consistently as you can.


Clean Up Your Link Profile

Whether or not link quality was the defining factor in the Fred update, cleaning up your link profile should be high on your to-do list in preparation for future Google updates.

A great place to start evaluating your link profile is by using Moz’s Open Site Explorer. Available as a free tool and on a subscription basis for more advanced functionality, OSE can tell you which of your links are strong and from reputable sources, and which ones are toxic and should be excised. Eliminating broken and low-quality links protect you from potential penalties, and also makes your site more user-friendly – and that’s always a good thing in Google’s all-seeing eyes.


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