Form Fill

What is Form Fill?

Form Fill – When a visitor has filled out a contact form on a website, commonly used as a noun to refer to a conversion. “This month our marketing campaign generated 20 phone calls and 8 form fills.”

Fill out forms automatically

You can let Chrome fill out forms automatically with saved info, like your addresses or payment info. When you enter info in a new form online, Chrome might ask you if you’d like Chrome to save it.
Chrome never shares your info without your permission. Learn how Google Chrome saves and protects credit card information.
If you would like to save your password info to Chrome, learn how to manage saved passwords.
If you’re having issues with your saved info, learn how to fix issues with info saved to Chrome.
Add or change payment and address info you saved in Chrome
  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click Profile Profile and then Payment methods or Addresses and more.
  3. Add, edit, or delete info:
    • Add: Next to “Payment methods” or “Addresses,” click Add. This will save your info to Chrome on your device.
    • Edit: To the right of the card or address, click More More and then Edit.
    • Delete: To the right of the card or address, click More More and then Remove.
If you add, edit, or delete an address and you’ve turned on sync, your changes will show up on your other devices.
If your payment method is saved in Google Pay, you will still need to edit or delete it in Google Pay.


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