What is Deliverability?

Deliverability – A way to measure the success rate of emails reaching the inbox of their contacts in comparison to bounces or going to the junk/spam folder.

Email deliverability is the ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes. It is what some marketers use to gauge the likelihood of their email campaigns reaching their subscribers’ inboxes related to actual delivery–like ISPs, throttling, bounces, spam issues, and bulking. Elements that hurt deliverability include sending without custom authentication, using single opt-in, sending from a free domain email address, using spam flashing email subject lines, making it difficult to unsubscribe, using URL shorteners, and sending emails with too many images.

What Is A Good Email Deliverability Rate?

It’s difficult to define what a good email deliverability rate is. Return Path claims, that “just 79% of commercial emails lands in the inbox.” The rest is “either sent to a spam folder or goes missing—most likely blocked by the mailbox provider.”

The goal of every marketer is to get an email delivered to 100% of subscribers. Unfortunately, very seldom marketer achieves such a high rate.

You should pay attention to the following metrics when you track your overall email deliverability:

  • 95% and higher is considered to be a good delivery rate on behalf of an email service provider.
  • The bounce rate shouldn’t be higher than 3%.
  • In terms of the SPAM rate, you shouldn’t be ringing the alarm bells as long as it doesn’t exceed 0.08%.

Partially, your email deliverability depends on the platform that you use for sending emails. All email service providers have different delivery rates. Most often they fluctuate between 88-99%.

We have a separate dedication for email deliverability and we pay a lot of attention to maintain this score as close to 100% as possible. Currently, it fluctuates between 98-99%.

If our clients follow the best practices and start sending email campaigns by warming up their senders’ reputation, they can get deliverability close to perfection.


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