What is Click-to-Call?

Click-to-Call – Another name for Call Extensions, where you can add a business phone number to your ad. The “click-to-call” comes from users having the ability to simply click on the phone number in your ad to place the call.

Click-to-call refers to the ability to click a phone number you see online and make a call

You will see click-to-call functionality in many places online, including pay-per-click ads, map listings, company sites, and blogs.

Click-to-call makes it easy for customers to reach you by removing the step of copying and pasting the phone number or trying to memorize it. With one simple tap, they are connected to your team.

On the business side, you can route calls from campaigns to departments, making life easier and more efficient for your internal team. You can avoid transferring prospects around the office, and instead, they’ll reach the team that can help them right away. Let’s look at the basics of click-to-call.

Main Uses

Click-to-call appears all over the web. One of the most common places you’ll see it is in an advertisement on your favorite search engine. If you’ve ever seen a little phone icon or button, usually with a call-to-action like “Call us!”, that’s probably click-to-call. Simply tap the icon and your phone will do the rest.


You can also implement it on your own website, in your newsletters, and your email blasts.

There are many click-to-call services providers available. These companies offer benefits like enhanced tracking, the ability to route calls to specific people, and other benefits over a generic click-to-call functionality. If you have a larger business, you will want to investigate these types of providers. For a smaller company, you may only need someone that can help you track and analyze the data that comes in from your calls.

Click-to-Call Benefits

Click-to-call significantly reduces friction for your potential leads and customers. Instead of remembering a long phone number, they just tap. The caller is delivered directly to someone that can help them, rather than having to ask, and they are able to get a quick answer to their question or make an order.

By using a tracking package, your company also gains greater insight into callers. You can use unique numbers for each campaign and know what’s driving your calls. This allows you to tweak and refine your pitch and your call-to-action to drive more business.

The main benefits of click-to-call include:

  • No dialing or remembering numbers
  • Increased convenience for both the business and customer
  • The possibility to track and save your calls automatically
  • Convert web-based traffic into direct telephone communications
  • Get detailed reports about who is calling and when from your website
  • Advanced call routing to any phone
  • The ability to customize who receives calls with automation features
  • Dial international calls with ease


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