What is a Blip ?

A “blip” can refer to a music or video clip which a user has posted via the popular media hosting sites, .fm and .tv.

Founded in 2005, Blip was a pioneering online video site that was home to many of the first video bloggers. It initially pitched itself as a more community-focused alternative to YouTube, and at one point had around 900,000 video publishers on its platform.

They were quickly eclipsed by YouTube, which had a lot more resources at its disposal after it got acquired by Google in late 2006. They tried to re position itself with a focus on professional content in the following years, and even launched a short-lived production unit dubbed Blip Studios.

Maker Studios

They were acquired by Maker Studios in 2013. Maker at the time painted the acquisition as a first step to build out a distribution platform capable of competing with YouTube.

Maker Studios, one of the largest YouTube MCNs delivering more than 4 billion views monthly, said it will gain key technology assets and partnership deals.

With the acquisition, Maker said it will incorporate: There technology platforms for online video distribution through and partnerships with YouTube, Yahoo, AOL and Virgin America; there proprietary web and mobile technology, including apps for Xbox, Roku, Apple iOS, Android and Kindle devices; and Blip’s channel partnerships and premium content.



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