Automated Extensions

What are Automated Extensions?

Automated Extensions – Automated ad extensions created by Google to help improve your ad’s performance. They include dynamic site links, locations, seller ratings and more.

Google Ads Automated Extensions are ad extensions created by Google’s algorithm. They use search terms to generate informational snippets or links to your site below your ad text.

There are seven types of Automated Extensions:

  1. The automated call includes your business’s phone number.
  2. The automated message allows potential customers to message your business.
  3. Dynamic site link includes links to website pages such as your services page, gallery page, etc.
  4. Dynamic structured snippet: can highlight specific aspects of your business’s products and services.
  5. Automated location shows your ads with your address, a map to your location, or the distance to your business.
  6. Seller rating: displays a combination of ratings and reviews of your business.
  7. The dynamic callout shows relevant information about the products or services on your business’s site.


If you aren’t aware, you probably have automated extensions enabled on your Google Ads! Google automatically applies these extensions to your ads without notice. It is unclear what algorithm Google uses to select the generated extension. Additionally, they can appear in place of the ones you create. This not only wastes time but also leads to advertisers having less control over their ads. Furthermore, when an advertiser doesn’t have control over the display, it becomes impossible to fully optimize.



In addition to automatically applying automated extensions to ads, Google does not provide specific information about the automated extensions. This leads to a further lack of control – especially when Google generates dynamic site link extensions. For example, one of our client’s automated extensions were leading to dead pages. Google’s dynamic site link extensions used an old URL instead of the new one – all while still charging for clicks. Not only does this lead to wasted money, but also a loss of potential customers. If a person is led by an ad to the wrong link, it is unlikely that they will navigate to the correct one. This further demonstrates that advertisers have limited control as to where people end up on their site.


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