Attractive Character

What is an Attractive Character?

Attractive Character – Type of leader to follow and relate to based on their story and accomplishments.

When saying the ‘Attractive character’, I do not mean someone with the striking looks that can fell a tree, although that wouldn’t hurt. The attractive character is about the persona you share with your audience. It’s more about your personality and your stories. It’s about building rapport.

Let’s take a look at the definition of rapport – a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well – in other words, if you share something in common with someone else, then you have a rapport with that person at some level.

So how do you build rapport with someone you have never met? How do you become this? Well, quite simply, you can become an attractive character by telling stories.

There are three components to creating an attractive character.

  1. Elements
  2. Identity
  3. Storyline

You will need to work through these components to create an attractive character. So here are the explanations and examples of each.



Every good character needs to have a backstory. It’s essential! Think about it, imagine watching a movie without any backstory and a character die. Would you feel any emotion for that character? Probably not. If there was a solid backstory that built the character up, showed you some of his/her past so you felt somewhat attached to this character, then you will most likely feel more when the character dies.

So, what’s your backstory? What can you say to your audience about how you got to where you are now?



An attractive character talks in parables. These are little stories you can tell to keep your audience’s attention. A story that they can relate to or find interesting.


Are you a robot? No – not yet at least. Everyone has flaws, it’s what makes us human. If you were perfect, then you would be boring. People want someone to open to them, give them your trust so that they can trust you back. If it’s a flaw that someone has themselves, then it can strengthen your rapport.


You’re never going to please everyone, so don’t sit on the fence and have neutral views. It’s important to have your opinions and stick to them. You will always get haters, but you need to ignore them and focus on the people who share your opinions.


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