What is an Aggregator?

Aggregator – An Internet-based tool or application which collects and curates content (often provided via RSS feeds) from many different websites and displays it in one central location. Google Reader is one popular example of an aggregator.

A content aggregator website is a site that collects data from other sources across the internet and puts the information in one place where users can access it. The data collected is based on a keyword or a group of related keywords.

It is common for people to confuse content aggregation with plagiarism. The two are however very different. Plagiarism involves the use of other people’s content without permission while content aggregation involves the use of content from various online platforms while giving due credit to the owner.


The owner’s name, website, and links are all kept in place. All you’re doing is making it easier for your readers to find more content that’s useful to them.

Why isn’t it a competition?

It’s easy to think that having an aggregator website might serve as competition for your brand. In the past, everyone was the competition. Now, brands can help each other out without losing anything. While you might not see two direct competitors helping each other, aggregating content from indirect competitors and other brands helps everyone involved. The best part is your audience loves it! Customers don’t just see brands as objects. Instead, they are like individual people who they want to build relationships with. With so many different brands, customers prefer brands that work to build lasting relationships. Great products and services are a must. However, you must prove you value your customers’ time by giving them more. Marketing content is all about your brand. Providing high-quality, useful content on a regular basis proves you care about their needs. Yet, this is incredibly time-consuming and difficult to do. You don’t have to do it all alone. A content aggregator website allows your brand to find relevant content from other sources, including other brands. Other brands benefit from the exposure and your brand builds a stronger relationship with your customers.


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