Action Score

What is an Action Score?

Action Score –  The contact’s action score will provide insights into the monetary value of your contact, the recency a contact interacts with your content, the frequency, and the social worth. This way you can evaluate the overall “value” each contact holds

  • Funnel Contacts

  Step 1: View Contact’s Action Score

  • Select Contacts from the Follow-Up Funnels 
  • Search/locate your contact.
  • Click on the Contact’sname or click on View to open the profile.
  • The Action Score can be anything from 1-100.
  • In the example above, the contact has an Actionscore of 45 points with 100% Social and 1% Value and 77% Recency and 1% Frequency.
  • The formula for calculating this Action Score would look something like this:  (25×1%) + (25×86%) + (25×1%) + (25×1%) = 22.25 
  • This then gets rounded down to 22.

Our proprietary algorithm grades contacts on each category. A total of 25 points are available for each of the four categories:

  • Recency
  • Frequency
  • Monetary (Value)
  • Social

Recency (Worth a potential 25pts)

  • In the Recency category, the contact is graded on how recently he or she has opted into your pages, purchased products, or even viewed any of your pages.

Frequency (Worth a potential 25pts)

  • In the Frequency category, the contact is graded on how often contacts he or she is opting into your pages, purchasing products, or even viewing any of your pages.

Monetary or Value (Worth a potential 25pts)

  • In the Monetary or Value category, the contact is graded on the value of everything he or she has ever purchased from you in ClickFunnels, relative to other the contacts in your account.

Social (Worth a potential 25pts)

  • In the Social category, the contact is graded on the total number of social profiles he or she has.
  • A higher Action Score means an overall higher engagement.


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