What does SPF Mean?

SPF – Short for ‘Sender Policy Framework’, it’s a DNS record that says on whose behalf an IP or domain sends email.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is utilized to validate the sender of an email. With a SPF record set up, Internet Service Providers can confirm that a mail worker is approved to send email for a particular space. A SPF record is a DNS TXT record containing a rundown of the IP delivers that are permitted to send email for your area.

How does SPF work?

To exploit SPF, you distribute a SPF record in the DNS. The record is a rundown of all the IP delivers that are permitted to send email for the space.


The SPF system utilizes the space in the return-way address to distinguish the SPF record. At the point when a sender attempts to hand-off an email to an email “getting” worker for conveyance, the worker verifies whether the sender is on the area’s rundown of permitted senders. Assuming this is the case, at that point a connection has been set up between the piece of email and the email space. In the event that not, the worker keeps handling the email as normal without this connection, as quite a few things could be going on.

The email may be genuine, however the rundown of senders probably won’t be exact. Genuine email may have been sent which implies the email might have come from anyplace and the rundown of permitted senders doesn’t help excessively. Or then again, the email is phony and undesirable. An excessive number of potential results makes it hard to join importance to the shortfall of the connection that SPF can give. DKIM fills the hole in the DMARC specialized framework as an extra method to attempt to connect a piece of email back to a space.


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