What is a SpamCop?

SpamCop – A paid spam service that plants their own emails and monitors who harvests the address and spams it.

History of Spamcop

SpamCop was established by Julian Haight in 1998 as an individual exertion. As the announcing administration turned out to be more mainstream, staff were added and the SCBL turned out to be more helpful. It has ordinarily been the objective of DDoS assaults and claims from associations recorded in the SCBL.

Email security organization IronPort Systems declared its procurement of SpamCop on November 24, 2003 however it remained autonomously run by Julian Haight. A little staff and volunteer assistance in its discussion.

IronPort consented to turn into a division of Cisco Systems on January 4, 2007,effectively making SpamCop a Cisco administration. Julian Haight left roughly two years after the Cisco securing.


It sees itself as an endeavor to stop spam without the need of legislative intercession, but since it comes up short on the force of an administration or huge ISP, it might have more prominent trouble managing spammers’ aptitude just as the enormous bot networks that they control and that they used to injure Blue Security with a monstrous DDoS assault.

They recently gave paid email accounts through Corporate Email Services (CES). On August 9, 2014, in an email to email account holders, CES reported that “[a]s of September 30, 2014 (Tuesday) 6pm ET, the current SpamCop Email administration will be changed over to email sending just with spam separated by SpamCop for all current SpamCop Email clients” and that “SpamCop will presently don’t give IMAP or POP help [after that date].

Starting at 31 January 2021 10:31:56 UTC, the space and all sub-areas of set out to an area stopping administration because of the space being lapsed. Sometime thereafter the area was restored and the assistance was again running. The blackout brought about messages being dismissed because of the boycott DNS sections all coordinating to the space stopping administration.


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