Sender Score

What is a Sender Score?

Sender Score (SS) it’s a reputation rating from 0-100 for every outgoing mail server IP address. Mail servers will check your Sender Score before deciding what to do with your emails. A score of over 90 is good.

Your Sender Score is like a credit score to gauge your credit worthiness but for email: It measures the health of your email program. Sender Score is a number between 0 and 100 identifying the quality of your sender reputation and details how mailbox providers view your IP address.

Mailbox providers take a lot of metrics into consideration to determine your sender reputation including spam complaints, how many unknown users you email, if you’re on any industry blacklists, and more.

It is a mathematical portrayal of your sending notoriety. Sender notoriety is dictated by estimating your presentation across key measurements that are critical to letter box suppliers and email endorsers. These measurements are proposed to assist senders with seeing how authentic and welcome their email is to their own endorsers.

How Sender Score functions

You send an email mission to your endorsers. It is doled out to every IP address you send from.

Sender Scores depend on a size of 0-100, with 0 being the most noticeably terrible and 100 being the awesome.


The Return Path Provider Network catches your standing measurements that make up a SS. The Provider Network is controlled via letter drop suppliers, spam sifting organizations, and spam trap organizations. It likewise incorporates in excess of 100 million letter drops and a great many remarkable IP addresses.

Contingent upon how you perform against the distinctive standing measurements, your Sender Score vacillates.

Your standing measurements are shown in your Return Path represent you to comprehend why your Score may have expanded or diminished.

How your Sender Score is determined

Return Path produces Sender Scores utilizing a restrictive calculation that considers an abundance of information inside Return Path’s Provider Network as depicted previously.

It calculation surveys in excess of 100 factors prior to designing your score.

Here are the distinctive standing measurements that involve your SS:

  • Grievance rate
  • Message separated rate
  • Framework
  • Sending volume
  • Sender dismissed rate
  • Obscure client rate
  • Spam trap hits


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