Seller Central Placement Ads

What are Seller Central Placement Ads?

Seller Central Placement Ads – Amazon display ads are shown specifically on the Seller Central site to Seller Central merchants.

Seller Central is the Amazon-owned site that 3rd party merchants use to manage their business of selling on Amazon.

The Login Page Placement is a large and prominent ad unit, located in the middle of the page that sellers use to sign in to their account.

This is a highly visible ad placement on a page with limited information, other than a login form.

The placement dynamically increases in width as the size of the screen increases.

The Home Page Placement is located on the Seller Central home page in the center column above the fold.


With its prime location in the middle of the Seller Central entry page, it is a high-profile placement seen by sellers entering through traditional means.

The Application Page Placement is in the right column above the fold. It is available on four different pages – for Manage Orders, Manage Inventory, Add a Product and Finance.

This high profile placement is targeted to merchants as they manage inventory, orders, products, or payments and enable advertisers to keep their message in front of merchants through many of their selling activities on the site.

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