Search Query

What is a Search Query?

Search Query (SQ)– A basic search query is what the user enters when searching on any search engine.  If their search includes the keywords that you are bidding on your ad will appear (depending on match types and all of the other targeting options, of course).

A search engine query is a request for information that is made using a search engine. Every time a user puts a string of characters in a search engine and presses “Enter”, a search engine query is made. The string of characters (often one or more words) acts as keywords that the search engine uses to algorithmically match results with the SQ. These results are displayed on the search engine results page (SERP) in order of significance (according to the algorithm).

Every SQ adds to the mass of analytical data on the Internet. The more data search engines collect, the more accurate the search results become – and that’s a good thing for Internet users.

SQ used to be simple, but users have had to become savvier as the number of sites on the Web has ballooned.


Although most people make SQ without a second thought, companies that sell products and services or produce content for the Web pay close attention to the data on popular search engine queries and the global number of specific SQ on certain keywords. This data helps them optimize their sites to match the range of queries to the product or service they offer.

Types of SQ

Search queries – the words and phrases that people type into a search box in order to pull up a list of results – come in different flavors. It is commonly accepted that there are three different types of search queries:

  1. Navigational SQ
  2. Informational SQ
  3. Transactional SQ

In the search marketing world, we tend to talk more about keywords than SQ (news flash: they’re not quite the same thing).


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