Rapid Inclusion

What is Rapid Inclusion?

Rapid Inclusion – indexing of websites in search engines and directories based on a per-page fee. As opposed to free submissions, where indexes are updated every few weeks (or less frequently), rapid indexing occurs every 48-72 hours.

Rapid Inclusion is where a webmaster pays to have their website included in the index of a search engine. The larger paid inclusion programs (Search Submit Basic) offer many benefits over standard search engine submission which include:

  • Paid Inclusion
  • Guaranteed inclusion for a subscription period (generally 12 months)
  • Regular refreshes of website content
  • Detailed click and traffic reporting

Rapid website inclusion weekly refresh cycle remains one of the most popular benefits for webmasters. Weekly listing updates mean search engine spiders re-crawl your website every 7 days and update the listing in search results accordingly. This provides an excellent tool to measure your website optimization efforts, as the resulting rank changes are reflected in search results on a weekly basis. These rapid updates are a great way to let webmasters know which SEO efforts provide the best gains for their website.




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