Meta-Search Engine

What is a Meta Search Engine ?

A search engine that does not compile its own independent results, but rather pulls data from two or more search engines, such as
Meta search engines are search engines that search other search engines. They submits your query to several other search engines and returns a summary of the results. Hence, the search results you receive are an aggregate result of multiple searches.

While this strategy gives your search a broader scope than searching a single search engine, the results are not always better. This is because the meta search engine must use its own algorithm to choose the best results from multiple search engines. Frequently, the results returned by a search engine are not as relevant as those returned by a standard search engine.

Some useful features search engines offer is:

  • search results clustering (i.e. search term grouping and classification based on the word derivations and phrases
  • related term suggestions
  • search terms linguistic and textual analysis

Some newly launched meta-search tools offer a few creative and innovative approaches: combining regular search engines and social media sites (. FuzzFind) or outlining the results on a map showing the links between different search engines ( , etc.


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