Country of origin

What is Country of origin?

Country of origin (CO) -In the context of cross-border complaints, the country in which the media carrying the advertisement (or, in the case of direct marketing, the advertiser) is based

Determining the CO of imported articles has become increasingly important in recent years.  There has long been a requirement that imported articles be marked with the name of the CO.  It also determines eligibility for special duties or free trade agreements. Now with the number of Antidumping and Countervailing duties dramatically increasing, the imposition of Section 232 and 301 duties on products of certain countries, and new or changed free trade agreements, the definition of country of origin has taken on greater importance.

According to Part 134.1 of the Customs Regulations, “Country of origin” means “the country of manufacture, production, or growth of any article of foreign origin entering the United States. Further work or material added to an article in another country must effect a substantial transformation in order to render such other country the ‘country of origin’ within the meaning of this part.”

The easiest determinations for natural products, such as fruits, vegetables, lumber and grains.  This category also includes other products taken from the natural resources of a single country, such as metals and minerals.  Its thelocation of such products is the country in which they were grown or mined.


Marketing Requirements

Determining the origin is important since all article of foreign origin should contain markings with their country of origin. The markings must meet the approved language guidelines:

  • Full English Name (Except for North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA)
  • Abbreviations
  • Adjectival Form

It is also important to remember that the marking must be legible, readable, and apparent. The writing must be indelible and permanent. Additionally, the country of origin marking needs to be seen by the final customer.

Properly determining the CO is vital for a successful import process.


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