Advertise, inform and educate on the world’s largest video platform. Sit your ads next to relevant videos, or squeeze them between streams.
We use YouTube ads to deliver your message to the right eyes—and YouTube has over a billion of them, every month.

Youtube Advertising

The center of attention.

YouTube has become a household name. From cute cats to corporate commercials, the streaming service dominates the internet as the world’s largest video platform and second largest search engine.

In a world where everything is connected, we understand the importance of branching out to different markets around the globe. 80 percent of YouTube viewers live outside of the United States. We utilize top ad placements to give your company a global reach and generate business from new corners of the world.

At MV3, we know how to turn a salad into a steak. We’ll manage your YouTube advertising campaigns to reach YouTube’s billion active monthly users, turning views into valued customers. It’s your turn to take the main stage, and we’ll help your company shine in the spotlight.

What's the damage?

Expansive reach, billions of users and multiple ways to advertise. YouTube advertising sounds too good to be true, right? With MV3, we’ve got your back: we believe in efficacy on a budget, so you’ll never have to sell the farm to spread the word about your services.

We work with you to assess an affordable budget for your company. Flexible pay-per-view systems allow you to set a weekly budget and a maximum cost-per-view, so you can keep a tighter rein on your ad spend. Search and display ads only cost you when they’re clicked, and video ads only charge after being viewed for 30 seconds.

With the right strategy in place, this array of options makes YouTube advertising an effective option even for low budgets.

Youtube Advertising
Youtube Advertising

Variety is the spice of life.

YouTube displays your video ads on search result pages. We use your buyer persona and consumer psychographic data to target customers based on interests and keywords that are relevant to your company.

Display ads are displayed at the top right of a page while a user is watching a video. At MV3, our team of marketing magicians researches channel placements by digging deep into the data of what your target market watches. You’ll save money and only spend when a viewer clicks on your display ad.

Partner videos display before, during or after a video. Intelligent, fun and engaging video ads grab better viewer attention, and relevancy always matters. Retarget your current prospects with free content that educates and nurtures new customers. You also won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with bounce rates: only pay when a visitor stays with your ad for over 30 seconds.

Over a billion hours of YouTube content are viewed every single day.

When you extend your ability to communicate effectively, you’ll quickly turn YouTube’s audience into your greatest allies. We drive awareness to your company by positioning your products against related video content to maximize your return on investment. Seek the right audience and send your message clearly.

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