Yahoo Gemini Advertising

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Yahoo Gemini is a pay-per-click advertising solution that utilizes Yahoo’s established search network and content platform. We’ll help you easily grab your consumer’s attention to generate new leads, convert loyal customers and reap the rewards of underpriced attention.

Yahoo Gemini Advertising

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Gemini is comprised of two parts—ads that show up in search results, and native ads. Gemini’s native ads give your company the ability to diversify your ad campaign by promoting your business through Yahoo’s partner network in a variety of formats.

Want to boost your brand’s exposure, get more leads and convert them into sales?

  • Pencil ads: We use non-intrusive ads within Yahoo mailbox, targeting consumers that are taking a quick peek at their emails.
  • Sponsored Mailbox ads: Similar to pencil ads, but these ads include a call to action so customers can learn more about your business.
  • Video Mailbox ads: In 2017, companies invested over 13 billion dollars in video ads. An effective video is worth its weight in gold
  • Static ads: This is the simplest ad format and appears on the right of the Yahoo feed.
  • Dynamic Product ads: We target customers directly with personalized ads that are tailored to your consumers’ shopping experiences. If you’re an e-commerce company, we’ll use this to boost your sales.
  • Carousel ads: We use this visual adaptation advertising to connect users to your brand’s story and evoke an emotional response.

Who remembers that TV ad?

When people think Yahoo, they’re reminded of the dawn of the internet, back when it took practically a million years to load web pages and dial-up modems were totally a thing. But while competitor search has declined since the domination of Google, Yahoo is still a content powerhouse that averages 4.5 billion visitors each month.

To expand your reach and increase your company’s profitability, we use every tool and marketing channel at our disposal to build a successful ad campaign. Think of us as artists—we use many brushes to paint one masterpiece.

We don’t overlook the potential of Yahoo Gemini, and our analytical wizards are always working the data to amplify your returns. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your company’s name out into the world.

Yahoo Gemini Advertising
Yahoo Gemini Advertising

Show me the money.

We work with you to set a suitable budget for your marketing spend, and you only spend when someone clicks your ad. There’s no need to panic—with PPC, you’re not going to get a call from your very flustered finance team about your ad spend.

You set the budget. You set the rules. You reap the rewards.

At MV3, we believe in distinction by diversification. We use all of the marketing channels and native ad variations available to us to target the right people at the right time, ensuring more web traffic, higher click-through rates and bigger returns on your investments.

Yahoo Gemini may be the baby of the major PPC ad networks, but we take full advantage of that by leveraging the underpriced attention to your benefit—at little cost to you.
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