Restaurants & Food Service Consulting

Winning strategies for modern restaurateurs.
Restaurants & Food Service doesn’t only happen in the kitchen anymore, but who has time to handle the internet intricacies? We’ll take charge of stirring up your digital future, so you can focus on your daily restaurant operations.
Restaurant & Food Service Consulting

Engage with your customers, the way they want.

Technology changes every aspect of daily life, and the way your consumers make food and beverage decisions is changing, too. Forerunners in the modern restaurant & food industry have paved the way with intense expectations: online order customization, mobile reservations, digital tableside service, and real-time food delivery tracking are just a few.

Your customers are rapidly being conditioned to find, order and pay for their food, all completely online. Sounds futuristic, but it’s not—it’s how millions of Americans eat, every day.

The next phase of the dining industry is digital, and you can’t afford to lose touch with your contemporary consumers. At MV3, we build technically-sound game plans to transition your company into the modern world of food.

Own your online listings and reviews to improve visibility.

As a restaurant brand, your customer interactions matter—and in a world where scathing reviews can appear unprovoked, from anywhere, maintaining a positive brand image takes dedicated work.

You need to build a solid rapport with your customers, and in our opinion, the best offense is a good defense. We offer a multi-media approach to internet marketing, grooming your reviews for the best possible public perception at the same time as we bolster your search results ranking.

For any restaurants & food service, local business is crucial, and when you hold prime real estate in local search results, you’ll get more customers through your doors. Good reviews + optimized visibility = the best recipe for food service success.

Restaurants & Food Service
Restaurants & Food Service

Case Study: Charlie’s BBQ

Expanding to include professional catering meant expanding the business face into an online storefront, and our goal was to give Charlie’s online customers the same southern flavor and easy service as in the brick & mortar restaurant.

Great taste is Charlie’s specialty; building a strong web presence is ours.

We build websites that cater to customers everywhere.

Nearly 60% of restaurant customers have downloaded at least one restaurant app—and that means yours should be one of them.

25 percent of orders at Panera Bread come in online. Starbucks makes nearly a third of its sales via mobile orders. It’s the dawn of the digital restaurant age—our team will help you stay on top of these changing consumer interactions with a fully optimized mobile interface.

When your restaurant website is groomed for presentation across all devices, you’ll see more customer loyalty across the board. Even on a small scale, clear photos, up-to-date menus, and integrated contact information can make a huge difference in your user interactions.

Our SEO-forward, data-backed digital development yields better results and happier customers. Find out more today.

Restaurants & Food Service


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