Traditional advertising methods rely on human elements to negotiate and insert orders. Our programmatic ad experts use leading software and algorithms to identify and target your potential customers, generating sales like never before.

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Programmatic Advertising

Reach the right people, faster.

Our programmatic advertising professionals help you find profitable niche markets using specialized targeting techniques.

After we pinpoint your defined audience, we cross-reference our findings with our data partners to isolate specific buyers, ensuring that your advertising efforts are reaching the customers you want.

Access the most advanced analytics in the world.

Our tools are the most advanced in the field, and we use them to detect advertising moments as they happen in real-time. We’ll keep up with your ads, but also your competitor ads, commercial breaks, live moments and local weather to make sure that your ads appear exactly when they should.

With this leading technology and a seamless programmatic trading desk, we’ll optimize your media campaign.

Programmatic Advertising

We find profitable niche markets.

    We use a customer’s digital history to target ads based on prior behavior, which means we create more effective campaigns. Our personalized customer behavior profiles utilize your customers’ web histories, social media networks, purchasing habits and other metrics.
    Our team is equipped with TYTV to detect advertising moments as they happen in real-time. That means we can keep up with your air time—but also your competitors’ ads, commercial breaks, key live moments and weather announcements—to make sure that your ads appear exactly when they should. Let our programmatic trading desk optimize your media campaign.
    Want to filter potential customers and direct certain ads to certain demographics? We’ll use IP targeting to find and reach the customers you want in the income brackets or locations where your services are most likely to convert.
    Geotargeting allows us to selectively advertise to users based exclusively on locality. Choose a city, state, or country: we’ll find the places where your products are most successful and target your customer base in those areas.
    Take advantage of the fact that almost every customer has a smartphone in their pocket and focus your ad strategies on specific locations. When your customers enter our designated area, we can generate an advertising text or push notification to entice conversions. We can even leverage other consumer information like purchase histories or birthdates to create a positive interaction with your customer.
    Our targeting can be as broad or as specific as you need: we can break down your consumer demographics by not only by age, gender and income but also by relationship status, languages spoken, and more. Demographic targeting reduces waste in your campaign budget, so that we only focus on people who have interest in your product.
    When your B2B market is a pool of potential companies, we’ll use firmographic targeting to define your target audience. We can segment businesses by industry, number of employees, revenue and more to focus our marketing interactions on the companies that are most likely to convert to a sale.

At MV3, we are digital marketing experts who use every advanced technology to ensure your advertising strategies provide the best returns. We’ll help you set up a programmatic advertising campaign that will help you reach every customer. Contact us today to get started.


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