Playable ads can dramatically lower your cost-per-impression while boosting CTR and positively impacting your funnel conversions.
Learn how MV3 can leverage playable ads to boost your campaign success.

Playable Ads

A new frontier for customer acquisition.

Your playable game offers customers insight into your brand and your company without fear, and when customers have nothing to lose, your retention rates rise.

Our team at MV3 will guide you through developing a theme for your interactive minigame that targets your niche market, and we’ll also strategize the content for your messaging. Using this extremely effective tactic, you can encourage paid game downloads, create brand awareness, and build higher-quality leads.

Mobile exposure like never before.

Advertising in game format provides an inherently-enjoyable experience with insanely-high mobile interaction levels. In fact, engagement rates for playable ad campaigns are nearly 50 percent higher than those of traditional CTR ads for mobile users.

Playable ads can double your return on investment and raise your brand profile among mobile users, and we can help make these an essential component of your mobile ad strategy.

Playable Ads
Playable Ads

Boost your return on investment—playfully.

Our advertising gurus partner with your team during the entire ad creation process, from concept to execution. We’ll give you creative control and handle the nuts and bolts, or we can add our own creative spin to your content and transform your company’s messaging into game content.

When you partner with MV3, you partner with the best, and we understand the spirit of collaboration—but we also understand if you have places to be and people to see.

Our professional gaming-advertisement team is ready to help your business enter the lucrative world of playable ad marketing. Speak with one of our playable ad professionals today.


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