Pinterest’s inspirational platform is a powerful asset for driving referral traffic to your online storefront. Our expert team can
help you design attractive content that performs on this sales-forward site.

Pinterest Marketing

Can Pinterest be a useful marketing tool?

The answer is—of course—yes.

Pinterest is another visual social media outlet that offers online stores a place to showcase their products and, hopefully, convert curiosity clicks into sales.

With over 200 million monthly active users, Pinterest can be a valuable source of new customers, but how do you make the platform work for your business?

You can’t afford to miss out on this network.

72 percent of Pinterest users say that the platform inspires them to shop even when they aren’t in the market for anything, and 90 percent of users say that Pinterest helps them decide what to purchase. 93 percent of pinners say they have used the site to research, plan for, or actually make purchases.

40 percent of Pinterest’s users have annual household incomes of above 100k, which makes this platform all the more massive an opportunity for B2C companies.

Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest Marketing

We can maximize your referral traffic.

This site drives much more referral traffic than competitor social platforms—33 percent more than Facebook, and 200 percent more than Twitter. Successful pins with vibrant content and informative text will do most of the legwork themselves—your own customers will share your pins over and over with minimal effort on your end.

MV3 can help you understand how to direct your Pinterest content for maximum impact among your target consumers, increasing your referral traffic without increasing your budget.

We’ll also pinpoint your target audience.

Pinterest marketing is usually more successful for businesses whose target audience overlaps with the platform’s existing user base, but any company can gain traction here with the right tactics.

We’re here to help your business find footing in the world of pins. The professional marketers at MV3 know how to transform your online products into successful Pinterest posts, and we utilize a wide array of management tools and resources to make that happen.

Pinterest Marketing

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