Pinterest ads can help you reach people who are already in the process of making buying decisions, creating valuable organic revenue for your company. We’re experts at using Pinterest to increase your company’s visibility.

Pinterest Advertising

Focus your tactics on a pre-conditioned audience

With only 200 million users, Pinterest has much smaller user base than its social media siblings. However, Pinterest has a marketing secret that makes it a viable contender in the world of social media advertising: it’s an extremely powerful platform for consumer influence.

Pinterest is a leading influencer platform for driving customer product purchases, second only to Facebook and even beating out Instagram.

Increase ad performance that feels natural

Your Pinterest advertising campaign should include both organic and promoted pins for optimal click-rate success. Promoted pins blend in with other content, but you pay for them to do so, and we’ll teach you how to maximize your investment.

High-performing pins are usually a perfect blend of eye-catching and practical: our experts can help you discern the right balance for your business.

Our professional social media strategies stand apart because we personalize every campaign to your company and specific platforms. We know how to navigate boards and pins in a way that draws in—and retains—a quality customer base.

Pinterest Advertising
Pinterest Advertising

Reach a receptive demographic

Consumers increasingly browse social media to gain inspiration for purchasing decisions, so a powerful social ad strategy can drive such amazing growth for your business. Promoted pins can target specific users based on gender, location, age, and language, and you can use this purchase-primed mindset to your advantage.

We’ll help you build promoted pins that are entertaining and informative, driving traffic back to your website and pulling in new audience interactions.

We also know that readers are more likely to stay on your site if you teach first, sell later: we’ll help you design content that presents users with useful information versus an immediate bid for their wallets.

We’ll analyze you industry data and utilize trending keywords to ensure that your Pinterest advertising strategy generates re-pins, platform buzz, and conversions. We have decades of experience in digital advertising: check out our portfolio to see what we’ve done for our past clients.


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