You can use IP targeting to filter potential leads based on their IP (internet protocol) addresses, narrowing the focus of your campaign. We’ll help you use this techy concept to reduce the ad waste of your next strategy.

IP Targeting

Boost your campaigns while decreasing your ad spend.

When done correctly, IP targeting campaigns have the same or even higher reach rates than direct mail campaigns—with none of the costly overhead of the Postal Service.

More than 100 million trees become the billions of pounds of junk mail that gets sent straight to the trash dumps every year. But in the digital age, why are you using snail mail?

MV3 Marketing can help you create a highly-effective IP-targeting campaign at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Target any consumer with pinpoint accuracy.

While other digital advertising methods like Geotargeting can reach consumers in a distinct geographical area, IP targeting can be used to target almost any individual with an online presence.

Our advertising team scours thousands of databases to match IP addresses to potential leads and grow your customer base. We analyze data like internet usage habits and competitive site visits; you can even use IP targeting to aim campaigns at specific office buildings and addresses.

As long as information exists, MV3 can help your company leverage it to your advantage.

IP Targeting
IP Targeting

See instant, demonstrable results.

Our IP-targeting campaigns include instantaneous tracking, so you can watch results and outcomes in real time. This data allows us to remain nimble and to make changes to your IP targeting campaign so that we’re hitting peak targets, every time.

We can trim wasted ad-spend, and our experts make sure your budget is fueling the profitable facets of your ad campaign. We like when you see results faster than ever.

Setting up a productive and profitable IP targeting campaign takes time and skill—which is why you have MV3 on your side. To learn more about how we can increase your bottom line, click here today.


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