In-game advertising offers a new frontier for reaching a larger demographic. MV3 can help you pioneer this approach
with a creative and sales-oriented approach that meets your end goals.

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In-Game Advertising

Experience a new world of advertising.

In-game ads are particularly beneficial because they provide an opportunity to reach an intensely-concentrated audience. Video games of all kinds provide a uniquely-immersive experience that sharply contrasts real-world advertising.

Your customers might see billboards with glazed eyes in everyday life, but imagine that billboard as an in-game ad, a strategically-placed product, or a discreet pop-up banner. Suddenly, you’re reaching attentive customers—and gaining real-world sales.

Spread your messaging in native territory.

Gaming immersion also presents creative opportunities to reach targeted audiences under the radar. Our team is composed of peak-creative marketers, and we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate your company’s messages without overwhelming your audience with obvious ads.

By integrating our ads into native gaming interfaces, we give you the best of both worlds: strong advertising AND informed sales, in one neat package.

In-Game Advertising
Keep your strategies current

Keep your strategies current.

In-game ads were once limited to bestselling titles from huge-revenue studios, where ad space came at a premium. However, as gaming becomes more widespread across all device platforms from independent studios, the availability of in-game ad space has exploded.

We can help you take advantage of this new territory; our experts know how to integrate your ads with seamless product placement, pop-up videos, or even in-game sponsored giveaways. Our team is committed to keeping your strategy up-to-date with the sharpest of technology advances.

MV3 can work with your team to develop a winning in-game advertising strategy from the ground up. Already have a strategy deployed? We’ll improve it. Speak with one of our digital advertising experts today to learn more.


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