Social Media Monitoring

What Is Social Media Monitoring?

The act of pro-actively monitoring and tracking applicable social media activity.

It is a way of computing popularity of a brand or company by extracting information from social media channels, such as blogs, wikis, news sites, micro-blogs such as Twittersocial networking sites, video/photo sharing websites, forums, message boards and user-generated content from time to time. In other words, this is the way to caliber success of social media marketing strategies used by a company or a brand. It is also used by companies to gauge current trends in the industry. The process first gathers data from different websites and then performs analysis based on different metrics. An Example, time spent on the page, click through rate, content share, comments, text analytics to identify positive or negative emotions about the brand.


Social Media Measurement

Social Media Measurement process starts with defining a goal that needs to be achieved and defining expected outcome of the process. The expected outcome varies per the goal and is usually measured by variety of metrics. This is followed by defining possible social strategies to be used to achieve the goal. Then the next step is designing strategies to be used and setting up configuration tools which eases the process of collecting the data. In next step, strategies and tools are deployed in real time. This step involves conducting Quality Assurance tests of the methods deployed to collect the data. And in final step, data collected from the system is analyzed and if need arises, is refined on the run time to enhance the methodologies used. The last step ensures that the result obtained is more aligned with the goal defined in the first step.


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