Seller Central Sponsored Product Ads

What are Seller Central Sponsored Product Ads?

Seller Central Sponsored Product Ads – The product display advertising option for third-party merchants on the Amazon Marketplace.

Sponsored Products are keyword- or product-targeted ads that promote your individual listings and appear in search results and on product detail pages on Amazon. You select your products to advertise and choose your keywords or products or let Amazon target your ads with automatic targeting. You control how much you want to spend on your bids and budgets and can measure your ads’ performance.

Advertising with Amazon can help you grow awareness of your brand and reach shoppers searching for products like yours.

With our cost-per-click advertising, you can manage your campaigns with our Campaign Manager tools and reports. You can see how much you’re spending for clicks on your ads, target keywords shoppers are using, and measure the impact of your campaigns. You can adjust your budget and bids at any time to test what’s working well, and to test new keywords.


Sponsored Products promotes the individual products you sell on Amazon. You choose which products to advertise, assign keywords or product attributes to target, and enter a cost-per-click amount. When a shopper searches for one or more of your targets, your ad is eligible for display. When shoppers click your Sponsored Product, they are taken to the product detail page of the advertised product.

Sponsored Brands increase awareness of your products. The ad creative you build includes a headline, logo, and product images. When shoppers click your Sponsored Brand, you can specify whether they will go to the Amazon Store for your brand, or any page that displays your products on Amazon.

Feature Sponsored Products Sponsored Brands
Targeting Automatic, manual, keyword targeting, product targeting Manual, keyword targeting
Campaign structure Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords Campaigns, Creatives, Keywords
Budget options Daily budget Daily budget, Lifetime budget
Ad moderation No Yes


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