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What is Pinterest.Com? is a visual social networks, in which it is possible to share images, videos, infographics and all kinds of content that are predominantly visual. In addition, most users who have an online project or are thinking of creating it use it as a “drawer of ideas”.
Its format allows you to organize, file and share your “pins” (publications) by topics, interests or hobbies, among other options.

Therefore, it is not a social network to use. Its unique style has liked a lot since its inception, hence its great success (especially in English-speaking countries), as it is one of the platforms with a higher rate of growth in recent years.

It’s likely that, although you didn’t know what Pinterest is before when you heard its name, you would have wondered why it’s called.

It is called this way because its creators have digitized the typical cork wall where you can hang photos with a pin. Hence its main feature: sharing multimedia content in the style of Instagram.

In other words, its name is composed, etymologically, by “Pin” (thumbtack) and “Interest” (interesting).


Considering everything I’ve told you about this platform so far, I’m sure you already intuit at least what it’s for.

Certainly, it is difficult to delimit what is for and how to use it within your strategy, given its multiple functionalities.

If you dig, surely you will find a great variety of additional utilities to these that I indicate you next, so much for particular users as for companies:


As I mentioned previously in its definition, it is a good platform to file an orderly wish list, as do some of the most prestigious online stores.

Therefore, users interested in buying clothes, furniture or other types of accessories, enjoyed collecting and sharing objects of desire, to have them archived for when “better times” arrived.


Thanks to the existence of this social network, you will not follow people or brands, but rather styles, trends, types of information and themes according to your interests and your professional sector.


In other words, there are no “influencers” or “normal” users here, which is greatly appreciated.

YOU CAN COMMUNICATE WITH IMAGES is also ideal for telling stories through images, thanks to the famous infographics published by many of its users on their respective boards.


This is an excellent digital service to disseminate findings that delight you for hours and hours, launched by other companies or brands in your sector, which could be interesting for your audience.

In addition, if you have a business with a presence on the Internet, you can also present your news here, which you want to give greater visibility online.

In short, it allows you to disseminate information and share it with your contacts through the option of “repin”.


The companies that have already decided to open an account in have taken advantage of it and already opt for the promotion and sale of products through it, thanks to the great option of being able to accompany the image of a link to your Web, so that it directs traffic to the Landing Page of your interest.


In line with the previous utility, if you have a Blog in WordPress or another digital platform, one of your main pretensions should be to gradually increase Web traffic to it.

A fantastic idea in this sense could be to upload to your board the cover image or, even better, the infographics with which you accompany this content and add the URL of your article.

In this way, if they liked what you contributed to it, they will be attracted to know the subject more in-depth, so irremediably will have to visit your Blog.


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