My Client Center

What is My Client Center?

My Client Center (MCC) – A powerful tool for handling multiple AdWords accounts. MCCs are ideal for large advertisers with more than one account.

In the AdWords realm, Google MCC stands for My Client Center. My Client Center is a type of AdWords account where agencies typically manage multiple clients from. Google has recently called MCC by a different name, Google AdWords Manager Account. Let’s dive into a quick overview of everything you need to know before using an account.

Why do agencies use Google MCC?

The Google AdWords Manager Account (Google MCC) is a convenient hub because agencies only must use one login to view performance reports for multiple clients’ AdWords campaigns.

As a retailer/advertiser, allowing your agency access to your AdWords account via a Google MCC is typically the most effective way for them to monitor and manage your campaign.

Another case in which you would want to give an agency MCC access to your AdWords account is for a campaign audit.


Who has ownership of the AdWords account?

The client will be in control of administrative rights for their account in MCC. If your client has an AdWords account, they can grant access to their agency and easily take access away without having to change their internal login information. The agency should have prepared resources to help the client give access to their AdWords account.

Why use an AdWords MCC over giving an agency direct access to your AdWords account?

My Client Center acts as somewhat of a safeguard for the client. This is because you would still “own” and have exclusive access to your AdWords account data regardless of whether you move on to another campaign manager or agency. You can simply terminate the agency’s My Client Center access to your account at any time.

Agency Benefits of MCC

A bonus to using MCC is the ability to set up alerts and email notifications across multiple clients. One of the more necessary features is known as Manager Defined Spend (MDS). MDS allows account managers to control budgets for a handful of accounts in one monthly invoice, as opposed to one per account. This can be useful for a client with multiple AdWords accounts. The tool has been around for years, but it’s one worth noting if you are considering getting a Google AdWords management account.

Once that’s done with, you will have successfully granted My Client Center access to your AdWords account.


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