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Location Extensions

What are Location Extensions?

Location Extensions – Type of extension that includes a business address and phone number into text ads. These can be a great way to help attract more customers to local businesses.

They encourage people to visit your business. Here’s a Search Network example. Clara, a bakery owner, wants to draw foot traffic to her storefront. She adds a location extension to her campaign. Now, when people nearby search on mobile for one of her keywords (“best bakery nearby” or “fresh bread”), her extension is eligible to show and may give bread-lovers:

They can also run on Display Network campaigns. Location extensions on Display help you close the loop between online ads and offline sales by driving foot traffic to stores. Here’s a Display Network example. A major clothes retailer wants to target the audience segment “Fashionistas”—encouraging people browsing online to come into the store and make purchases. To accomplish this goal, the store’s account manager sets up location extensions on Display ads. When people see her ads, they can check out the business photos, open hours, and store location on the map then click on “Directions” to navigate to the store.



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