What is CRT?

CRT – An abbreviation for “click-thru rate.”

CTR measures what percentage of people clicked on the ad to arrive at the destination site; it does not include the people who failed to click, yet arrived at the site later as a result of seeing the ad.

As such, the CTR may be a measure of the immediate response to an ad, but not the total response to an ad. The exception involves ads that display no identifiable information about the destination site; in these cases, the click rate equals the overall rate.

Merely getting visitors to a site had to value when Web site traffic was generally accepted as a measure of success. The trend towards profitability, along with better tracking tools, has resulted in less interest in clickthrough rates and more interest in conversion rates.

A high clickthrough rate does not assure a good conversion rate, and the two rates may even share an inverse relationship. An advertisement geared towards curiosity clicks will result in fewer sales, percentage-wise, than an advertisement geared towards qualified clicks.

How CTR Impacts Your Ad Rank

CTR is not just an indication of how relevant your ads are to searchers. CTR also contributes to your Ad Rank in the search engines.

Ad rank determines the position of your ad on the search results page.

That’s right – PPC isn’t a pure auction.

The top position doesn’t go to the highest bidder. It goes to the advertiser with the highest Ad Rank. And CTR is a huge factor in the Ad Rank formula.

But Ad Rank is even more complicated than that. Google measures your actual CTR against an expected CTR.

So if you’ve run a lot of ads with a low CTR, Google will assume that any new ads you add to your Google Ads account are also going to have a low CTR, and may rank them lower on the page.

This is why it’s so important to understand the CTR on your ads and to try to improve it as much as possible.

A poor CTR can lead to low ad positions, no matter how much you bid.

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