Broad Match Modifier

What is Broad Match Modifier?

Broad Match Modifier (BMM) – You can add a modifier, a plus sign (+), to your broad match keywords if you’d like your ads to show when someone searches for close variants of your keywords in any order. Close variants include misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations, and acronyms. Unlike broad match, using a modifier excludes synonyms or related searches. For this reason, it adds an additional level of control. Using BMM is a good choice if you want to increase relevancy even if it means you might get less ad traffic than broad match.

Set up BMM

BMM ensure your ads will only show for searches that include the words you’ve marked with a plus sign, such as +blue +suede +shoes, or close variations. Broad match modifiers can help your keywords achieve a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) with a more targeted audience, which in turn can help your site get more paying customers or other conversions.

Keep in mind, your ad may show for close variations of the individual “+” terms or the combination of these terms into a single keyword.


  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click the Keywords tab.
  3. Click the plus button.
  4. Select an ad group to add BMM to.
  5. Enter your broad match keyword, with a plus sign (+) preceding the word or words you want to appear in your potential customer’s search exactly or as a close variant.
  6. Click Save.

How to add a modifier to an existing broad match keyword

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click Keywords.
  3. Hover over the keyword you wish to edit, then click the pencil icon.
  4. Add the plus sign (+) prefix to any word you want to make into BMM.
  5. Click Save.


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