Analytics Content Experiments

What is Analytics Content Experiments?


Analytics Content Experiments – Formerly known as Website Optimizer (standalone), this tool is built into the Analytics platform and allows users to set up A/B or multivariate tests for their landing pages to see how those changes affect user behavior. This tool can be a great way to make incremental improvements to conversion rates.

Important update on Content Experiments

We’re making a change to Google Analytics and experiment resources of the Management API. Beginning August 7, 2019, you won’t be able to create or start Content Experiments (CX). Experiments presently running will be allowed to complete. Completed experiments will remain visible as Google Analytics experiment reports.

If you have any experiments in progress, consider migrating them to Google Optimize. It’s free, maintains native integration with Google Analytics, and has all the following capabilities:

If you’re looking for ideas check out our suggestions here. The content below will help you recreate some common Content Experiments use cases within Google Optimize.

I’m looking to… To replicate in Google Optimize…
…create a redirect experiment Visit article
…create an experiment without redirect (browser-only implementation) Visit article
…create a server-side experiment where Optimize only handles reporting Visit article

Key differences between Content Experiments and Optimize

  • Optimize redirects and client-side APIs are asynchronous whereas Content Experiments are synchronous. (If you notice page flicker this snippet can help).
  • Optimize doesn’t currently offer multi-armed bandit dynamic weight adjustment.


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