Event Funnels


Want to keep engagement (and excitement) levels high at your live or virtual events? Our interactive strategies drive interest before, during and after events to keep audiences craving more from your business.

Event Funnels

Funnels that support the full lifecycle of your event.

MV3’s handcrafted event funnels combine our impressive sales techniques with your in-person or even streaming events to create ironclad customer engagement.

When your company takes part in a trade show or any type of event that can drive sales, high attendance levels might be your primary focus—but not ours. We concentrate on excitement, building subtle touch points at all points before, during and after your events to keep customers intrigued and primed for additional and future sales.

When it comes to event funnel strategies, long-term conversions are our end-game.

Sell out quickly with early-bird specials.

Whether you’re hosting a webinar or a giant live convention, you’ll need the marketing power to spread the word and attract attendees. We’ll help make sure your tickets are available as early as possible, and we’ll send a variety of siren calls to bring in leads. By incentivizing early purchasing through specially-priced early-access tickets or creating a scarcity illusion, we’ll make sure that you fill as many seats as possible.

Filling seats is only the beginning. When you partner with MV3, we’ll continue to warm up even cold leads before your event with email marketing, social media outreach, PPC campaigns and more, building anticipation and minimize no-shows.

Our top of funnel focus is on registration AND attendance, because ticket sales are only your first opportunity.

Event Funnels

Keep their attention during the big day.

During your event, we’ll use a variety of techniques to boost engagement and keep your product or service in the forefront of customer minds.

Our beacon technology captures email and mobile IDs to target potential clients at ideal points and places during your event. Send a text as consumers approach your tradeshow table or a push notification while they wait in line for concessions at the fair. This multiple-touchpoint approach is the beauty of funnel-based marketing.

Want to make sure your touchpoints are functioning as planned? Keeping track of customer movements using interactive events in your funnel gives us valuable analytic insight into their buying process.

Whether messaging or app based, our opportunely-timed outreaches immerse your customer base in a sale-driven mindset, enticing them while you’ve already got them right in front of you.

Learn from the past to improve your business future.

Funnel value can extend far beyond the day of your event. MV3’s experts will study the raw numbers from user engagement as well as clickthrough, bounce and conversion rates to gather insights that can improve your overall sales efficiency.

We’ll help you make sense of the data streams to calculate strong conversion rates—then turn that data right back around and make your future funnels even stronger.

MV3’s funnel experts have decades of combined experience building and managing some of the most effective and profitable funnels in the digital marketing industry.

Event Funnels

How can an event funnel help drive your conversions through the roof? Contact us today to learn more.


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