You could be selling actual superpowers—but if your focus isn’t on increasing business visibility and creating a simple-to-use customer experience, you’ll never make a sale. MV3’s team works hard and fast to create the visible, streamlined e-commerce sites that attract your strongest conversion rates.
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For the new business owner and the online business veteran.

Internet access gives customers the ability to search and purchase anything under the sun—instantly. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, you know that the world of e-commerce is a cutthroat industry. Your job is to lead the competition at the best profit margin. Our job is to make sure your digital footprint kicks online butts.

E-commerce is an incredibly strong market, and a trending niche combined with on-point selling strategies can make killer profits. In 2017, e-commerce only made up 13 percent of total retail sales—but accounted for 50 percent of all growth in sales. (Thanks, Amazon.) This surge of online growth is great news for your e-commerce revenue streams.

We build the full-scope digital strategies that grow e-commerce giants. Ask us how.

If we build it, they will come.

As an e-commerce business, customer acquisition and retention are the names of your games. What’s the best way to drive new leads to your business? Great sales funnels, of course. Our experts use intricate data streams to pinpoint your best demographic. Then we construct a specialized plan for how to attract as many sales as possible.
Once you have the customers on board, it’s our job to keep them coming back. Positive reviews and satisfied customers lend credibility to your brand, but continuous contact is essential for encouraging repeat visits to your online store.

Our goal is to help you strike a balance with your marketing emails. If your emails aren’t hitting the industry standard of a 12 percent open rate, MV3 can help. We want to see your business name on the bookmark bar, not in the spam folder.

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Nurture customers with in-store-level interactions.

Online shopping is often more affordable, and therefore far more competitive, than the physical shopping experience. Loyalty programs, shipping promotions and holiday discounts can attract more customers, and our campaign data can follow along in real time to let you see which tactics work wonders, and which don’t.

The online world offers new avenues to guarantee customer loyalty and encourage new growth, but one thing online can’t replicate is the warm dopamine-rush and interactive service of an in-person purchase. Or can it?

We infuse personality back into your e-commerce approach, so customers feel warm and wanted, just as they do when they shop in stores. Our tailored touch keeps your buyers returning again and again.

If you think your business is ready for increased sales and growth, contact one of our experts today for a free consultation. We’re here to help.


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