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SEO is a world of never-ending evolution, which means that MV3 works overtime to retool our strategies to help you stay on top. But now, digital assistants are changing the search world again.

In addition to helping you keep on top of the latest algorithms, we’re also here to help you prepare for the new ways users hunt for information.

Digital Assistant

Making science fiction a reality.

Since the invention of the first simple machines, people have wanted to build devices they can talk to. Now that day is here, and people are embracing it wholeheartedly.

Typing queries into search engines seems laborious now that you can just speak your question. Common search queries used to be short and abrupt two-to-three word strings, but these days, your consumers search the web in complete sentences.

Did you know?

  • Almost half of Americans use a digital assistant.
  • An estimated 56.3 million hardware assistants will be sold in 2018 alone.
  • Devices worldwide could number 1.8 billion by 2021.

Companies that take advantage of this trend through natural language SEO will be better able to capitalize upon it. We’ll help you get there.

Get ahead of the crowd with a site optimized to help all customers at every stage in the sales cycle.

Digital Assistant
Digital Assistant

Cover all your bases—and don't worry, we’re here for you.

“Digital assistant” is merely umbrella term, much like “social media.” And just as you need a robust, diversified plan for interacting with social-driven traffic, you also need to make sure your business can handle queries from Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant.

While they all do essentially the same thing, each one has its own technology, network, and market philosophy that sets it apart.

  • APPLE’S SIRI Always striving to make “tools for the mind that advance humankind,” Apple designed Siri to constantly learn about her users as individuals to make their lives simpler.
  • AMAZON ALEXA.  As you might expect, Amazon’s assistant is primarily focused on commerce; Alexa is trying to make online shopping easy and more enjoyable. But while Alexa is the most common in-home assistant, she has limited market penetration for mobile devices.
  • MICROSOFT’S CORTANA.  Often overlooked, Microsoft’s digital assistant—Cortana—comes preloaded on every PC and Xbox, reaching an ever-expanding market share. As has always been Microsoft’s strategy, Cortana focuses on business users.
  • GOOGLE ASSISTANT.  As the name suggests, this assistant has the full weight of the world’s most popular and powerful search engine behind it. Google’s mission is to make search functionality even more powerful through user personalization.

Is your marketing plan ready for digital assistants?

While the day when computers are replaced by holograms is still a long way off, recent advances in technology are making it easier to talk to machines.

As a result, your customers are searching the web in full sentences, treating artificial intelligences as if they were real people. That means more long-tail keywords. More natural language SEO. And an even more diversified marketing strategy. (Hint: that’s our forte.)

To be on the winning side of this business development, you need a marketing plan that incorporates the best of both worlds: old school text queries and futuristic voice searches.

Digital Assistant

Contact the experts at MV3 today to see how we can help you capitalize on the rise of the digital assistant.


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