Chatbot Marketing


Chatbot Marketing is a revolutionary technology that guides your customer through every step of their journey and improves their overall experience. At MV3, we use automation and instant apps across a variety of channels to express exactly how important your customers are to you—and to us.

chatbot marketing

The rise of the robots (is a good thing.)

The cultivation of chatbot marketing technology wasn’t an overnight endeavor. It’s taken 60 years to craft, innovate and scale a new era of AI and automation. Don’t worry—the machines aren’t taking over the world and stealing all of our jobs yet. However, chatbots have become a crucial solution for efficiently resolving customer issues and collecting data.

Communication is the keystone to any Chatbot Marketing strategy, and companies like yours are already using Chatbox technology to effectively communicate with their audience.

Around 80 percent of customers regard an “immediate” response as important. As a company, we love it when someone follows us, likes or shares our posts, and we know you do, too.

We all want instant gratification: we want solutions to our sales inquiries and resolutions to our problems, and we want them now.

Make visitors feel at home.

At MV3, our goal is to make your customers feel important. We want to answer their questions, help them make purchases, and guide them to the services they need—on their desired timeframes. We’ll help you use Chatbox Marketing technology to deliver personalized messaging to your customers across text, chat and social media.

Bots can be programmed with an intense variety of information, from answering customer questions to providing technical specifications for your products or services. With a seamless service of solutions, your chatbox AI can become an interactive FAQ, fed on a diet of product knowledge and brand guidance that helps secure decisions.

It’s time you offered your customers a service to improve user experience and engagement on an individual level. Say hello to artificially-intelligent virtual assistants and automated omnichannel messaging.

Chatbot Marketing
Chatbot Marketing

Hasta la vista, baby.

Human interactions are so 2017.

Okay, truly, we still believe that real human support has a time and place. But the cost-efficiency of even advanced AI virtual assistants makes them an extremely effective alternative to human personnel.

We’re not saying that you should prepare for the end of the world and stock up on canned goods because the bots are taking over. But in our modern, tech-savvy era, you can hire and pay less staff to perform more tasks, because Chatbox Marketingtechnology works autonomously.

We utilize Chatbox Marketing with compatible AI engines from Amazon and Google to connect with your customers via text message, live chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and more. By engaging your prospects with interactive messaging, we can deliver tangible results that convert your top of the funnel leads.

We are the borg.

Chatbox offers a whole host of methods to create, assimilate and integrate your company’s messaging experiences to customers on a personal level:

  • AGENT TOOLS.  Keep your ear to the ground with conversational data at your fingertips. A flexible interface allows you to seamlessly take the reigns and switch between bot and human to resolve issues, engage customers and cultivate meaningful relationships.
  • AUTOMATION.  We direct the flow of messaging to scale around the clock, using bots that are built in platforms like Amazon Lex, Google DiagFlow and Microsoft LUIS.
  • INTEGRATE.  Sync data easily between Chatbox and your CRM tools.
  • ANALYTICS.  Monitor and track metrics to gather valuable data on your buyers.
  • OMNICHANNEL.  Make your customers feel heard and respected by reaching out through a multitude of channels.
  • INSTANT APPS.  Seamlessly exchange rich and structured data within workflows. People are lazy, and opening new windows or tabs is off-putting. This way, your customers can sign forms, pay invoices or file insurance claims—directly within your conversation.

Chatbox has already been implemented in multiple industries, and companies like yours are already using it. Schedule a quick chat with MV3 today and learn how we can scale your chatbox marketing strategy with automation.


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