Facebook at work

Yes, You Should Spend More Time on Facebook at Work

Facebook market is one of the most popular social media platforms operating today. That’s why it’s so tempting to look at your feed while you’re at work. There’s an ongoing debate, however, discussing whether using social media while you’re on the job is unprofessional or actually a boon to your business.


Is social media browsing a workplace faux-pas, or a clever strategy?

Instead of getting frustrated when you find your employees on Facebook at work, why not use their interest to your benefit? Sit down and discuss practical social media tactics with your employees, so they’re not just mindlessly wasting time.

If you train your team appropriately, you can reap a number of benefits that’ll direct attention to your business.


1. Use Facebook to Work Your Audience

Without your audience, you don’t have a business. As such, you need to develop an understanding of the people who are interested in your work. The good news is that with so many people active on social media, it’s easy – if you’ve trained your employees properly – to research the kind of leads who might be interested in your products or services.

You can do so through a number of different avenues. The Big Four social media platforms all have analytical add-ons that you can use to assess your demographics. These include:


You can also create posts, such as surveys, that spark direct engagement. Combine direct opinions collected in this manner with an assessment of post clicks, likes, and other factors, and you’ll find that you immediately generate a more comprehensive understanding of the people interested in your products.


2. Give your Branding a Boost

You can also use social media to spread the word about new sales, ambitious developments, or your business’ long-term goals. Facebook at work, indeed!

Social media lets you build two different personas for your business: a corporate one and a personal one. Corporate branding remains deliberately professional, involving white pages, PDF files, and updates about sales. Personal branding shows consumers pictures of your employees at work, industry-appropriate memes, and humor.


Your employees can help build your personal brand with their use of social media. If they’re connected to your business through LinkedIn or an equivalent platform, then what they post regarding their employment reflects – and builds up – the reputation of your business.

Do note that you can’t dictate what your employees post while not on the job. However, with proper training, you can utilize their interest in social media to generate a reputation for personalized online engagement.


Become a Thought Leader

Social media is a place for vast variations in opinion. While sharing your opinion online can be risky – especially when you directly affiliate that opinion with a business – it can also boost your sales.

Thought leadership requires your content to transcend industries. When you share content online that doesn’t solely apply to your business, but comments on your industry or on the world at large, you a) establish yourself as a socially aware corporation, and b) create re-visitable content that consumers and peers can utilize as a long-term resource.

The best way to share that content is via social media. Have your employees share your content, and not only will you reach their inner circles, but your content – and company name – will find its way to all corners of the Internet.



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