Keyword Research Tool

What Makes a Keyword Research Tool Right for You?

Whether you’re producing content for a blog or importing images to your platform, you need to integrate keywords into the architecture of your storefront. The best way to find the keywords that’ll raise your SERP ranking?

Time to to do a bit of research.

From Google’s Keyword Planner to Wordtracker, you can find your perfect keyword research tool match, whether you’re looking for traditional, organic keywords or competitor-based keywords.


What makes one keyword research tool stand out from all the rest, though?


Identify Keyword Synonyms

The strength of a keyword comes from its versatility. When you integrate several versions of your primary keyword into your platform’s architecture, you ensure that search engine crawlers deliver your content to a broader audience. When you’re researching keywords to use, then, you’ll want to use a research tool that enables you to quickly identify niches for your keyword of choice.


WordStream, for example, allows you to do just that. While the platform limits you to 30 free searches, it makes finding synonyms for your keyword simple. Type your primary keyword into the site’s search bar, and it’ll reveal clusters of similar terms that you can integrate into your content.


Multi-channel Operations

Even though it may feel like Google is taking over the world, there’s more than one search engine on the internet. Keyword research needs to account for all these search engines and their varying algorithms. This is where a keyword research tool’s capacity for multi-channel operations comes in handy.


Soovle searches for the most common keywords searched on a number of the internet’s search engines as opposed to just one. The tool even hits Amazon and eBay, allowing you to better identify keywords that’ll make you stand out from your competition. Combine this multi-channel functionality with Soovle’s free-to-use software, and you have a winning research tool on your side.


Software as a Service

Some keyword research tools offer much more than just the opportunity for you to find keyword synonyms. While this base operation is essential to keyword research tool functionality, platforms such as Serpstat provide their software as a service.

What does this mean? Serpstat, specifically, helps you manage:


  • Keyword research
  • Rank tracking
  • Backlinking
  • Site analysis
  • Site audits
  • Competitor keyword analysis

Starting with Serpstat is free, too. After the starter plan, the platform makes affordable monthly subscriptions available to its users that start at $29/month. If you’re looking for a keyword research tool that’ll grow with your site, then this is the one for you. If you’re looking for something simple, then you might want to work with a different tool.

The effectiveness of a keyword research tool depends upon your platform’s needs. Choosing the right keyword research tool can do your SERP ranking and revenue stream a world of good.



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